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Sydney, You Saved the Best for Last! 23.11.2016

Our last Sydney Angel Dinner of 2016 was arguably our best, with five outstanding pitches that took us across the health, food, construction, wearable and retail data fields. Each of our presenters presented compelling pitches, which had our select group of Angel Investors raucously debating the winner.

First up, Peter Colbert of Inamo shared with us his effortless wearable—the Inamo—which enables users to not just pay for coffee, but to board public transport and even load tickets, for a future that’s wallet free.

In a space that one may assume is weighted towards the tech giants, this lightweight device is carrying its own, with a transaction agreement that gives it a competitive edge. With sporting celebrities—like Guy Leech—catching the waves of excitement it’s delivering, this tiny piece of tech could be giving the active among us a lot more freedom in the very near future.

Our second pitch of the evening was all about filling our plates without disturbing our workday. HowAboutEat is an office lunch delivery service, that means your favourite lunchtime meal is just one text message away.

Founder Giovanni Ravone explained that there is a growing need for ease and variety in the office lunch space. And with precious lunch breaks being used for exercise or errands, having a filling lunch delivered to your desk can be the ultimate timesaver. With healthy and hearty options available, How About Eat is going to hopefully satiate a few Angel Investors too!

Our third pitch of the evening, presented by Dr Katja Beitat from Health Care Innovate, got our minds off our stomachs and onto other bodily parts. Her healthcare app, Clinivid, promises to facilitate immediate, secure and visually driven communications between healthcare professionals, helping to not just banish the mountains of paperwork clinicians face, but to also improve the accuracy of information shared.

Medicine relies heavily on sharing visuals—images of wounds, scans and reports—but currently, there is no secure and universal way to do this. Using her and her co-founder’s knowledge of the industry, they have designed an app that they believe is simple and secure, making it a practical tool for a market of 650,000 Australian practitioners alone. We’re wondering if our Angels will also view it as a healthy investment?

Moving from medicine to construction, Construction Cloud was also looking to capture visual data, creating a complete visual overview of large scale construction projects. As Founder Hartley Pike explained, there currently is no way to completely monitor large scale construction projects, which is why the Construction Cloud, which collates drone footage, CCTV and photography to build a complete picture of every stage of the build, offers so much promise.

Given the challenges of monitoring such large projects, the safety risks and the significant investment—such technology could not only help monitor risk, it could provide invaluable historical data for the life of the construction.

Monitoring of an entirely different sort was the focus of our last pitch—SnooperApp. Using people to monitor how retail products appear on the shelves across various locations around the country, in real time, could be the new way for brands to monitor their marketing execution and tailor their contracts to actual performance.

SnooperApp sends its snooping team of shoppers on missions, in exchange for feedback (and payment) on how products are appearing in store. This live data effectively gives brands the ability to have eyes everywhere, tracking the execution of their agreements, and providing immediate data that can help them improve their marketing performance.

It’s a winning idea, and the Angels clearly agreed, voting SnooperApp and Founder Romain Stas de Richelle the night’s overall winner.

Thanks to all of our Angels for attending what was a great finale to our Sydney Angel Investor dinners for the year. We have one more Sydney event to go for 2016, before calling it a wrap—we hope you’ll join us.

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